TriStar arrives in Tyrol

Kufstein to host the second TriStar in Austria on 15 July

This just in from TriStar about a new Austrian race…

Kufstein in Tyrol, Austria, is the latest destination added to the TriStar race calendar of the upcoming season 2012 and will offer a unique set up involving the entire area of the tourism region Kufstein to the event.

The inaugural TriStar Kufstein will be held on July 15, featuring the successful formats TriStar111 and TriStar55.5 at once. Located right at the border with Germany in the east of Tyrol, known as one of the most popular touristic regions in Austria, Kufstein appears to be the perfect destination to host an international triathlon.

A picturesque and astonishing landscape for cycling, the ideal infrastructure for a triathlon race in city of Kufstein and a well developed triathlon scene in the region- all this makes TriStar Kufstein the perfect complementation with the recently announced triathlon race in Salzkammergut earlier in the season. The local, national and international triathlon community gets two new fun options for their triathlon experience.

The TriStar111 Kufstein (1km swimming, 100km cycling and 10km running, just half distances for TriStar55.5) is a new fun challenge for professional and age group triathletes in a truly natural paradise for tourism in one of the most popular regions in Austria: Tyrol.

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