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TheTriathlonCoach.com launches Long Distance training programmes

The UK’s leading triathlon coaching provider TheTriathlonCoach.com have launched a range of long distance training programmes

The UK’s leading triathlon coaching provider TheTriathlonCoach.com have launched a range of long distance training programmes in response to growing demand for their services.

Head Coach Simon Ward said of the new launch “When I did my first Ironman in 1995 there wasn’t much coaching advice out there. I’d have given my right arm for even a basic structured programme let alone an experienced coach. In the last few years there has been a massive increase in the popularity of long distance races.

“Because of the training and preparation requirements this has been matched by a substantial rise in the number of requests that we have for coaching. Of course not everyone can afford a personal coach and so we have developed a series of 20 week programmes so that we can cater for all budget levels”

“The programmes were piloted in 2010 for the Outlaw triathlon and each of the athletes who followed the programme had great races. Building on this successful start we have now created a programme for every single Ironman and long distance race in the world (both full and ½ distance) and each plan takes into account the geography of the course. This means that a schedule for Lanzarote Ironman will have plenty of hilly bike rides while the Outlaw schedule will be based around much flatter riding but spending time in the aero position”

For every race there are 2 levels of programme:

Starting at 9 hours per week and building to a maximum of 13 hours for those athletes who are challenged for time

Starting at 12 hours and building to 16 hours for those with more time available to train and recover

Many people view this as a departure from coaching but as Ward was quick to point out “each 20 week programme has over 200 fully detailed sessions outlining everything from duration and intensity to the number of sets and reps to perform.

We also send athletes an exclusive e-mail each week for the duration of the programme providing extra information about cutting edge training tips, lifestyle management, training and race nutrition as well as a number of check lists reminding the athletes about vital actions they must take in the lead up to the race. In fact, we do virtually everything for the athlete apart from the training”

Apart from their time, the athlete investment for each programme is £140 which is £1 per day or £1 for every mile they will cover in the race.

To find out more about the programmes please click here http://www.thetriathloncoach.com/20-week-triathlon-training-schedules/

or to read about some of the athletes who have followed TheTriathlonCoach.com programmes please click here http://www.thetriathloncoach.com/case-studies/

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