The Triathlon 10% Challenge

Slash your open-water swim this summer…

Ed Williams of the Elite Swimming Academy based in Cambridgeshire has launched the Triathlon 10% Challenge. Using innovative coaching techniques and state-of-the-art technology, he aims to take 10%-20% off anyone’s current triathlon swim or open-water swim time in just one session.

Who is he?

He’s one of the youngest people ever to swim the Channel and specialises in training adults to swim in open water. Aged just 24, he currently coaches Fran Williamson, Paralympic world champion, for the London 2012 Olympic games and runs the Elite Swimming Academy which he is about to franchise across the UK.

Ed says: “Teaching people to improve their swimming is just great for me and getting them swimming in the open water is the best. It’s where my swimming career started, when I swum the Channel, and sharing these skills with others always gives me the biggest buzz.”

Ed also shares his open-water swimming secrets such as why he drinks a can of cola after every swim and the secrets to fast acclimatisation to cold water.

Ed runs half-day open water clinics at Milton Country Park in Cambridge throughout the summer for adults and teenagers to adapt their technique to open-water swimming. These courses are suitable for all triathletes, open-water swimmers, fitness swimmers and open-water enthusiasts who want to get faster and more efficient in the water.

He uses detailed coaching techniques, video analysis and animation technology to help swimmers swim more effectively by visualising and understanding a perfect stroke before it’s re-created it in the water. Each swimmer leaves with a personal DVD of their swimming and a whole new understanding of their stroke.