Sufferfest training video

Push yourself to your limits, keep up with the elite riders and prove that you can go all the way with ‘Half is Easy’

Opening scene in the Sufferfest 'Half is Easy' training video

Sufferfest have released the newest addition to their bike training video collection. ‘Half is Easy’ is a top end fitness and ability workout focusing on extreme power bursts.

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The video is a high-intensity session involving repeated accelerations which they say makes the rider reach a whole new level of suffering. As the name suggests the aim is for half of it to be easy, but with two periods of repeated 15sec maximum intensity intervals, the other half of the workout focuses on it being anything but easy.

We think the various relaxing and comical scenes in the video contrast well with the UCI footage from both men’s and women’s eilte racing in MTB, Cyclocross, BMX and Road.

Check out the following promo video (also features chocolate cake):

The Sufferfest: Half is Easy: World Premiere from The Sufferfest on Vimeo.

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