Special Olympics welcomes resignation of UK councillor

Organisation also labels Collin Brewer’s views on disability as ‘frightening’

The news that Collin Brewer, the councillor who said children with disabilities "should be put down" to save taxpayers money, has resigned has been welcomed by the Special Olympics.


In a statement sent to 220 by the Special Olympics, the organisation says…

'The horrific comments made by Cllr Collin Brewer displayed an ignorance on an unimaginable scale and his refusal to step down at an earlier date has compounded the distress he has caused,' stated Mary Davis, Regional President Special Olympics Europe Eurasia.

Special Olympics is the world's largest organisation dedicated to empowering children and adults with intellectual disabilities through sport while changing attitudes and providing healthcare for more than four million athletes in 175 countries.

'The shocking comments by Cllr Brewer are indicative of a mind-set that has no place in a civilised and inclusive society. It is truly frightening that any person should hold such an attitude and it makes it even more sickening that it is a public representative. The bedrock of public service requires Cllr Brewer to represent all members of our society equally.


“He degraded, insulted and failed not just the many people in his own constituency living with a disability and their families but hundreds of millions of people with disabilities and their families across the world. His job as a public representative should have been over when he made those comments however I welcome his belated resignation statement today,” concluded Mary Davis.