Red Bull Weavers?taking cycling into the corn

Unique slalom bike challenge to be held in a Somerset field in September

On Thursday 16 August, Red Bull Weavers, a unique 1 vs 1 slalom bike race will take place in Frome in the heart of Somerset. The never before seen concept will see riders race down a winding course cut through steep crop fields, testing both skill and precision.


100 places for the event are available now at Riders can bring their own bike as long as it meets competition requirements or they can simply pitch up on the day and borrow one of the Charge Bikes on site.

An invited number of professional riders will also be racing offering the opportunity for aspiring riders to test their skills against the very best with the occasional upset no doubt on the cards.

As with all good competitions, the racers will be able to enjoy an evening of camaraderie and camping once the inaugural Red Bull Weavers Champion has been crowned.


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