Jack & Jill Holidays Triathlon Camp 2012

Spots still going at Jack & Jill Holidays' Alps summer training camp

Jack & Jill Holidays in partnership with joelenoch.com has announced the launch of two triathlon camps in the summer of 2012.

Based in the beautiful town of Morzine in the Alps, triathletes attending the camp will have the chance to take in breathtaking scenery while riding roads used to stage the Tour De France, as well as running alpine trails and swimming in fresh mountain lakes…the pictures on the website will tell you all you need to know about the beauty of Morzine and the surrounding area!

Concept: While Mary and Jamie organise the booking, facilities, logistics and food, they have teamed up with triathlon coach, GB age-grouper and sport scientist Joel Enoch to coordinate the training.
Week One (Beginner/intermediate) – 2nd-9th June 2012
Week Two (intermediate/advanced) – 9th-16th June 2012
The idea behind the first camp (2nd – 9th June) is to offer triathletes who would describe themselves as new to the sport, a week that allows them to develop as athletes, in a relaxed but professional environment. The second week (9th – 16th June) is designed for more experienced Triathletes who will be faced with a more professional and challenging programme.
Jump across to the comprehensive website www.jackandjillholidays.com to see more about the camp.
To get in touch with Jamie and Mary email: hello@jackandjillholidays.com
And for any questions regarding training email Joel at: joel@joelenoch.com