Golden weekend for GB age-group team

Britain's age-groupers triumph at Euro Champs in Spain

The GE Great Britain Age Group Team delivered a phenomenal 81 medals including 27 gold across the sprint and standard distance races at the ETU European Championships in Spain this weekend.
The GE Great Britain Age Group recorded the fastest overall male and female triathletes in both the sprint and standard distance races. In the sprint race, Mat Clarkson (35-39) from Hertfordshire crossed the line first in 1:01.50, with Anna Turvey (30-34) from Newcastle leading a British one, two, and three in the women’s event finishing in 1:08.12.
Elizabeth Bullivant (30-34) from Sheffield finished second with fellow Yorkshire athlete Lizzie Spencer (25-29) in third place overall.
In the standard distance event, an equally impressive race saw Roger Witz Barnes (25-29) from Manchester finish first overall in 1:58.40, with Nick Dunn (30-34) from Nottingham crossing the line in third.
Welsh athlete, Rhian Roxburgh (35-39) replicated Roger’s performance finishing first in 2:11.31, with Danielle Stewart (25-29) in third. By finishing third, Danielle won her age group, successfully achieving her second GE Great Britain Age Group Team gold medal of the season, having won the ETU Duathlon European Championships in Limerick earlier this year.
(All results and medal tallies are provisional)
70-74 Female: 1st. Daphne Belt (GBR)
65-69 Male:  2nd. Allan Kenny (GBR), 3rd. Bill Shackcloth (GBR)
65-69 Female: 1st. Hilary Stevenson (GBR), 2nd. Peggy Crome (GBR)
55-59 Male: 3rd. Kevin Chesham (GBR)
55-59 Female: 1st. KIm Shaw (GBR), 2nd. Roz Layton (GBR), 3rd. Christine Glew (GBR)
50-54 Male: 2nd. Mike Orton (GBR), 3rd. Malcolm Hughes (GBR)
50-54 Female: 1st. Caroline Whittaker (GBR), 2nd. Beverley Childs (GBR), 3rd. Sandra Blenkinsop (GBR)
45-49 Female: 2nd. Sara Burling (GBR), 3rd. Monica Stewart (GBR)
40-44 Male: 2nd. Darren Milne (GBR)
40-44 Female: 2nd. Susannah Casebourne (GBR), 3rd. Sarah Larkham (GBR)
35-39 Female: 1st. Rhian Roxburgh (GBR), 2nd. Tamsin Neale (GBR), 3rd. Heather Booth (GBR)
30-34 Male: 1st. Nick Dunn (GBR), 2nd. Matt Ellis (GBR)
30-34 Female: 1st. Hannah Shooter (GBR), 2nd. Nicola Wood (GBR)
25-29 Male: 1st. Roger Witz Barnes (GBR), 3rd. Graham Leitch (GBR)
25-29 Female: 1st. Danielle Stewart (GBR), 3rd. Elizabeth Burrows (GBR)
20-24:Female: 1st. Samantha Wilson (GBR), 2nd. Toni Thomas (GBR), 3rd. Katie Silke (GBR)
18-19 Male. 1st. James Francis (GBR), 2nd. Benjamin Edwards (GBR)
18-19 Female. 1st. Yasmin Coleman (GBR)
75-79 Male: 1st. Peter Howard (GBR)
70-74 Male: 1st. Barry Johnson (GBR), 2nd. Brian Grierson (GBR)
65-69 Female: 1st. Georgina Jennings (GBR)
65-69 Male: 1st. Michael Smallwood (GBR), 2nd. Alan Churcher (GBR), 3rd. Don Hutchinson (GBR)
60-64 Male: 2nd. James Chisholm (GBR), 3rd. Ted Hamilton (GBR)
60-64 Female: 1st. Barbara Walton (GBR), 2nd. Anne Fish (GBR), 3rd. Elaine Scott (GBR)
55-59 Female: 1st. Joanna Lewis (GBR), 2nd. Margaret Hollamby (GBR), 3rd. Wendy Read (GBR)
50-54 Female: 2nd. Jane Bell (GBR), 3rd. Mary Hardwick (GBR)
45-49 Female: 1st. Claire Jackson (GBR), 2nd. Sharon Hill (GBR)
45-49 Male: 2nd. Paul Jennings (GBR)
40-44 Female: 2nd. Beverley Mason (GBR), 3rd. Mary-Anne Elkington (GBR) / 3rd. Jacqui Phillips (GBR)
40-44 Male: 1st. Steve McKeown (GBR), 3rd. David Wilson (GBR)
35-39 Female: 1st. Gaelle Lebray (GBR), 2nd. Emma Bexson (GBR), 3rd. Lucy Edge (GBR)
35-39 Male: 1st. Mat Clarkson (GBR), 3rd. Paul James (GBR)
30-34 Female: 1st. Anna Turvey (GBR), 2nd. Elizabeth Bullivant (GBR), 3rd. Rhian Rogers (GBR)
30-34 Male: 3rd. Gary Wilson (GBR)
25-29 Female: 1st. Lizzie Spencer (GBR), 2nd. Kirsty Anderson (GBR), 3rd. Emma Pearson (GBR)
25-29 Male: 2nd. Simon Thornton (GBR)
20-24 Female: 1st. Lucy Ferguson (GBR), 2nd. Gemma Scott (GBR), 3rd: Hannah Kitchen (GBR)
18-19 Female: 1st. Sophie Edge (GBR), 2nd. Jo-Jo Blunt (GBR)
18-19 Male 1st. Samuel Parker (GBR), 3rd. George Gilham (GBR)