Gallery: All the action from Sub7 and Sub8 in photos

Relive the action from Sub7 and Sub8 with our gallery of photos from a remarkable day...

Kristian Blummenfelt sitting on the floor

Love or hate the concept, the Sub7 and Sub8 attempts were a spectacle to behold.


Much of that was down to the startling performances of Kat Matthews, who won Sub8 in a time of 7:31:54, and Kristian Blummenfelt, who won Sub7 in a time of 6:44:25.

Of course, Joe Skipper, drafted in to replace an injured Alistair Brownlee the week of the event, and Nicola Spirig also played their part, putting in equally as impressive performances to successfully go below seven and eight hours respectively.

And the coverage was decent too, which is something that’s not always the case when triathlon is broadcast on TV.

Matthews controlled much of the race, keeping Spirig at bay throughout the bike and only losing the lead briefly on the run before taking it back soon after.

In Sub7, Blummenfelt emerged from the swim with a surprisingly substantial lead over Skipper, but the Brit hunted the Norwegian down on the bike and passed him with his trademark bark.

However, as expected by many, Blummenfelt came back strongly on the run, passing Skipper and taking the tape with a gap of a few minutes.


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