First Look: Chillswim Tow Float

This just in from Chillswim about their open-water swimming float


Now here’s a great idea for lovers of open-water swimming. No longer will you be rendered near-invisible to passing boats or other swimmers with this new safety device, a high-visibility tow float.


Developed by Colin Hill, Technical Operations Manager for marathon swimming at London 2012 (as well as being the brains behind the Chillswim event on Coniston Water), the float certainly is hi-vis, its bright orange colour able to cut through the murkiest of conditions.

As it’s towed behind you, the float gives no additional buoyancy as you swim but comes in handy should you fancy a rest mid-swim. You can even stash valuables and/or warm gear inside the slightly more expensive dry-bag version. We like!


The Chillswim Tow Float retails for £19.99 at