European Middle Distance Champs to be streamed live online this weekend

Coverage in Spanish and English

The ETU Challenge Barcelona Middle Distance Triathlon European Championships are to be streamed live online on Sunday, 19 May.


The Challenge Barcelona Maresme organisers have agreed a collaboration with local TV Channel, M1TV, to broadcast this event around the world.

The special programme will start at 6.45 am. Over 30 people will be distributed to give the best coverage of the race. Fifteen cameras around the course will allow the viewers to keep pace with the race from key points around the race.

Catalan will be the main language used, but also Spanish and English will be present during the broadcast, keeping the spectator updated. Nevertheless, graphics information will be available in English.

The broadcast will be divided in two parts. The first part will start at 6.45am until 12pm. From that time, transmission will continue until 4pm, focusing on the finishers completing the race at that time. There will be a camera ready, in case triathletes want to leave a message, right after the race.

Watch online all the events through or on the TV website, .


For more information on the ETU Challenge Barcelona Middle Distance Triathlon Championships, visit the ETU website.