Cracknell races across America

James Cracknell has begun his latest mammoth challenge

James Cracknell is at it again. After conquering many a ridculous endurance challenge since his successful Olympic exploits, he’s attempting to race across America, taking in the entite breadth of the US, from  Los Angeles to New York City – cycling, running, rowing and swimming – in only 18 days.
He will run 80 miles in the searing heat of Death Valley, ride a bike along the 2,500 miles of Route 66, row 250 miles across Lake Erie and finish by swimming the final 15 miles down the Hudson River to finish under the gaze of the Statue of Liberty.
James will be using a variety of bikes for the 2,500 mile long bike leg due to the varied terrain and road conditions of Route 66. The majority of the time James will spend on his TimeWarp time trial machine mixed in with the Scultura Evo on more mountainous sections. His super-light O.Nine mountainbike is coming into use on a roughly 30-mile long section of Route 66 which is not rideable on a road bike. 
Will this mammoth undertaking break him, or will he become the greatest endurance athlete of all time?

Keep an eye on the Discovery website as we’ll be giving regular updates on James’ progress, and the accompanying show, ‘Cracknell’s Race Across America’, will begin airing on Discovery Channel in the UK on Tuesday 12th October (subject to change).

Do you think what James is attempting is even possible? Leave a comment below to let us know, or just to wish James good luck.