Boardman Elite unveils 2012 AiR TT Series

New TT series launched by Boardman

Building on from the success for the critical acclaimed Boardman Elite Series launched earlier in the year – Boardman has unveiled their all-new 2012 Boardman Elite AiR/TT Series.
The all-new world-class Elite Series AiR/TT has been designed for a single purpose: pure performance. Each of the four new models are fully equipped to maximise speed and efficiency – creating an incredibly fast ride.
The AiR (Aerodynamic Racing) TT frames have undergone a rigorous research and development and prototype testing process. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), wind tunnel and real world testing combine to result in the AiR/TT frame.
The top of the range 9.8 has an rrp of £6,999.99 with the entry level 9.0 retailing at £1,999.99.
"FEA, CFD, Pro Team testing and 20 years of experience have all been distilled in this totally performance-focused product. There isn’t a single square centimetre of the AiR/TT that doesn’t have a performance rationale behind it."
Chris Boardman MBE, Director of R&D, Boardman Bikes

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