Barefoot Connections Conference

Primal Lifestyle, official UK distributor and retailer of Vibram Fivefingers, has announced the first-ever Barefoot Connections Conference to be held on the 30th June 2012 at the Natural History Museum, London.
The day will start with an optional barefoot 5m run starting and finishing in the main hall of the Natural History Museum and will be followed by a series of talks discussing various aspects of the barefoot theory. To include:
1 Role of barefoot function in human evolution and development
2  Performance optimisation and reduced risk of injury when running
3  How barefoot hunting may have been pivotal to human neurological development
4  How the barefoot revolution can facilitate the next shift in human consciousness
Speaker Details
·   Dr de Groote – Palaeontology department at the Natural History Museum
·   Barefoot Ted – Barefoot Ultra-Runner
·   Paul Check – Strength and Conditioning Specialist
·   Louise Liebenberg – Persistence Hunt Expert
·   Lee Saxby – Barefoot Running Coach
·   Matt Wallden – Osteopath, Corrective Exercise Specialist
Tickets and full day programme of the Barefoot Connections Conference are available at