Athletes wanted for colostrum study

We're after four athletes for an eight-week study into the effects of colostrum


Here at 220, we’re always ready to see if tri manufacturers’ claims actually add up. In a world where marketing confronts you around every corner, we see it as our God-bound duty to ensure, as Winnie the Pooh would proclaim, "we taste the honey before you spend your money".


That’s why we’re looking for four active triathletes to volunteer their services for a study into the effects of colostrum on performance. Neovite ( will supply eight weeks of colostrum to the chosen four subjects.

Neovite is a dairy protein from milk taken in the first 48 hours after calving and includes colostrum. To quote Neovite’s comprehensive website, “For thousands of years across many cultures, colostrum and first milk have been prized sources of nourishment.” Why? Well, primarily for the following reasons…

1 Boost and regulate immune response
2 Improve digestive health
3 Enhance athletic performance

In theory, Neovite and its colostrum content contains a wealth of nutrients that, as an athlete, can improve your recovery from each and every training session, ensuring your tri efforts keep on improving. In practice, well, that’s what we want to find out.

We’re after four athletes of different ages and abilities to partake in this study. To test the range of claims from Neovite, we’re looking for athletes who have either of the following symptoms…

1 Stomach pain and sickness due to exercise
2 Respiratory issues
3 Excess fatigue
4 Poor recovery from injury, illness or exercise

For the course of the study, each of the subjects will have to complete in a training and health diary to monitor any changes in their physiological disposition.

You’ll carry on training and racing as you normally would. The only change to your programme will be an eight-week course of colostrum.

If you’re interested in partaking in this study, or finding out more information on colostrum, please email your editor, James Witts, on


Deadline for us choosing subjects is Friday 14th August 2009.