220’s Winter Training Advent Calendar (Part 2)

Part 2 of our Winter Training Advent Calendar covers keeping warm, planning for the bad weather, and making sure you get a proper rest...


10 Maintain Your Fitness
If you’ve worked hard throughout the season, you’ll definitely need a break so you can kick back and recharge the batteries. Bear in mind, though, that this doesn’t mean sitting on your backside until March. Keep a minimal amount of swim, bike and run sessions going to maintain your basic fitness so that when you want to pick up the pace in the New Year, it’ll be much easier.

11 Avoid Burn Out
Don’t go too mad too soon with high intensity training. No-one remembers who was flying in January when the season actually arrives.

12 Don’t Crash
When it’s icy outside just don’t ride your road bike. One missed session or a forced stint on the turbo is preferable to six weeks out with a broken collar bone or wrist. It’s not worth the risk and no-one enjoys using the scrubbing brush and TCP to get the gravel out of your hip.

13 Fitness Assessment
Visit a lab or do some basic time trials and field fitness tests to get an idea of your fitness levels now, then re-do the exact same tests in spring to monitor progress. You can’t hide from the data!
14 Master Technique
Want to improve your swim stroke? Now’s the time. Get some coaching and practice without the stress of preparing for races. Video analysis is the best way to do this if you can.
15 Cover Those Extremities
Training in miserable weather can be made much more bearable with the right kit. Spend money on decent gloves, cycling overshoes and hats to cover your frost bite zones.
16 Plan For Bad Weather
This means having planned indoor sessions available and alternative outdoor stuff you can be doing if Mother Nature throws a wet and windy day at you. That way you won’t be caught scratching your hear for things to do if you can’t you outside.