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July 2009

Free 32 page training magazine: learn the secrets of the world's elite. Plus! Bike buyer's guide, time saving tips, marathon masterclass and much more

Learn from the world’s best triathletes
Want to know the training secrets of the world’s elite? Avil, Don, Snowsill, Stannard and more reveal all

PLUS! Bike Buyer’s Guide Our biggest-ever bike test, from the £500 b’Twin Sport 2 to the sleek Ceepo Viper

Free(ish!) Time Knock 16 minutes off your PB – for only £20!

Marathon Masterclass Speed up your tri run with guidance from the London Marathon champs

Test Centre Five bike boxes and 10 run trainers

Born to Run Ultra-distance running with Mexico’s Tarahumara Tribe

Going Long! What happens to your body during an Ironman and the pain of your first long-course race

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The 220 Triathlon team is made up of vastly experienced athletes, sports journalists, kit reviewers and coaches. In short, what we don't know about multisport frankly isn't worth knowing! Saying that, we love expanding our sporting knowledge and increasing our expertise in this phenomenal sport.