Skins Compression A400 – first look

‘Feel like a superhero’, say Aussie compression brand – and not just 'cause you’re in tights…

Skins Compression A400 range – first look

More than a decade after launching their first compression wear, Aussie brand Skins have released their latest range – which they say will make you feel like a superhero, and not just because you’re wearing tights.


So what’s new? Well the name comes from the fact it’s been developed on 400 key body touch points, using Dynamic Gradient Compression to deliver more oxygen to specific active muscles and remove painful lactic acid.

It also has moisture management properties triggered by body temperature, say the makers: when the ambient temperature is cool the fabric used binds in moisture to keep the wearer feeling warm, and when the mercury rises it releases stored moisture to allow the body to cool down.

Other features include 50+ UV protection, reflective detailing and muscle alignment support to reduce the risk of injury. “It’s equipment, not clothing,” say Skins – we’ll be testing soon and will report back…

The men’s range includes: A400 1/2 Tights (£65), Power Shorts (£75), Top Short Sleeve (£80), Top Long Sleeve (£85), 3/4 Tights (£90) and Long Tights (£100).

The women’s range covers: A400 Speed Crop (£50), Shorts (£60), Short Sleeve Top (£80), Long Sleeve Top (£85), 3/4 Tights (£90) and Long Tights (£100).


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