Dryrobe Advance

Will keep you snug… if you don't mind looking like a Jedi Knight

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
Dryrobe Advance

Born out of the surfer’s honeypot of North Devon, the Dryrobe Advance is designed for changing in the extremes of the British seasons.


Two internal pockets for MP3 and race admin/Jelly Babies are part of the Advance package (the £74.99 Original is available sans pockets), with a wind- and shower-proof outer shell that protected us from the elements.

The short sleeves allow for easy entry and exit for your arms, and we successfully changed into our tri-suit outdoors without being imprisoned in a car seat or portable toilet.

The synthetic lambswool inner kept our body warm in sub-zero conditions, although our exposed shins remained chilly.

But, when put head-to-head with our usual hoodless waffle dressing gown (quit sniggering), its toastiness is vastly superior and it also soaks up water efficiently.

Sadly, this warmth comes at a £90 cost and the bulkiness makes it too big for transition storage. 

But, for open-water training, it’ll soon become an essential companion.


Contact : www.wandering-star.co.uk