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Reviews Review: Sigvaris Performance Socks

Sigvaris Performance Socks

You pay for the bespoke fit, but this is a durable pair for heavy running miles

With an established background making medical-grade compressive garments, Swiss company Sigvaris take squeezing maximum performance out of your muscles extremely seriously.

Before purchasing, you’ll be asked for your ankle circumference, calf circumference, calf length and shoe size.

So it’s no surprise then that, when your socks arrive, the fit is staggeringly good and, like all good compression clothing, getting them on is a satisfying battle.

When out running, the support, compression and enhanced proprioception they offer is noticeable and is definitely a step-up from cheaper brands.

On our tough hill reps session, we noted improved times and less post-session soreness compared to the same session in our normal calf guards.

Obviously socks aren’t particularly suited to tri race day and you’d lose significant time in T1 wrestling them on.

But, for run training, they feel great. The price is an issue, but they seem durable enough and you’d get plenty of ache-free miles out of them.

Contact : www.sigsports.co.uk

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