Overboard Waterproof Camera Case

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Ideal for beginners unable to splash out (I’m sorry) on a waterproof camera, this is a fully waterproof, buoyant case suitable for cameras and camera phones.


The idea is that the transparent PVC wallet allows you to take photos under, in or around water, safeguarding the shutter and all the buttons. We tested it with an iPhone and had no problem using the touch-screen.

The wallet is large enough to contain most compact cameras without a telescopic zoom lens and is guaranteed submersible to 19ft. It comes with a neck-lanyard, which makes swimming tricky, but for taking cut-price performance shots – or just messing about at the beach – this is a gadget that’s hard to fault.


Contact : Overboard 01932 500091 www.over-board.co.uk