I’m Here to Win

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4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

He’s amusing, arrogant and controversial. And one of the world’s best athletes. As such, reigning Ironman World Champ Chris McCormack is a sport fan’s dream and I’m Here to Win is certainly chock-full of revelations, soundbites and gossipy snippets (Faris al Sultan’s mum asked Macca to leave her son alone).


Even if some of the motivational soundbites read too close to self-help jargon (“You are the CEO of your one-person company”), Macca’s “(w)insights” on the mental battle of pro rivalry is compulsive reading, highlighting the Aussie as an Ali of the sport (a comparison Macca himself does little to discourage).

There’s also tested advice for us age-groupers on nutrition and racing in the heat, while his breakdown of his Kona 2010 ‘masterpiece’ is an unparalleled account of elite racing that vividly transports the reader to Ali’i Drive. Let’s just hope his Olympic qualification dream proves as successful as this opus. Engrossing, entertaining and (w)insightful (sorry). Buy it now!


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