Compressport Ultra Silicone

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

Getting the Compressport guards on was a battle but, unless you’re trying it in transition, this tends to be a good sign. The material felt durable and the cuffs and one-piece tube construction of the actual guard should mean no fraying or split seams.


Neither the ankle or below-the-knee cuff were excessively tight, and the generous amount of unusually positioned silicon grippers did a really good job of holding the guard in place. The fit was spot on and gave a noticeable amount of compression without any discomfort.

On the trails, everything felt perfectly held in place, and the guards delivered that sense of compression, support and security that really makes you feel a stronger and more confident runner. There was no slipping or riding up and, even after a tough hill workout, our tester’s calves felt surprisingly fresh.


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