‘Tricurious’ book – first look

Laura Fountain and pal trace their journey into tri with humour and honesty


When your run shoes go AWOL and the couch is just too darn comfy anyway, having an exercise buddy makes all the difference to getting out the door and, once out, keeping going for longer.


This tale of non-running gym-dodger turned newly tri-loving Laura Fountain and her friend, lifelong sport enthusiast Katie King, is a salute to the crucial role of a like-minded chum when it comes to reaching your sporting goals. 

Taking alternate chapters in a series of humorous and honest anecdotes, emails and text messages, they trace their journey to triathlon success.  

From the minutiae of kit worries to the challenges of training in the British weather, Tricurious aims to capture the buzz of newfound tri addiction and pay tribute to the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people to encourage you on.

Price: £8.99 from www.summersdale.com.


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