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‘The Road Headed West’ book

Northern Irish adventurer Leon McCarron heads across America by bike, meeting tornadoes, wild roaming buffalo and a hungry black bear along the way

A Road Headed West

Author Leon McCarron sets out to escape the prospect of spending his life behind a desk, without any exhilaration or endeavour, so decides to travel across America on a bicycle bursting with everything but common sense.

With his journey lasting over five months and over the space of 6,000 miles, Leon cycled from New York to Seattle and then down to the Mexican border. He meets tornadoes, wild roaming buffalo and a hungry black bear along the way. But he also meets kind strangers who endear themselves to him with their sense of hospitality and wisdom during his journey.

Leon McCarron even adds a handy epilogue for any readers inspired to take on their own bike-bourne trips, finishing the book with a how-to guide for cycle touring.

Described by Alastair Humphreys as a “wonderful rite-of-passage journey; one that shows what exciting experiences can lie in wait if you choose to set off in search of adventure.”

We’ll be reviewing The Road Headed West in the October issue of 220, out on 16 September.

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