Greg LeMond co-authors new book, ‘The Science of Fitness’

Three-time Tour winner tackles connection between exercise, nutrition and physiology

Greg LeMond co-authors new book, 'The Science of Fitness'

If you want to go faster on a bike then Greg LeMond, three-time Tour de France champ, is worth listening to – which is handy because he’s just co-authored a new book called ‘The Science of Fitness: Power, Performance and Endurance’.


The book aims to explain the connection between exercise, nutrition and physiology in layman’s terms, and is described as being ideal for experienced and amateur athletes, as well as coaches and ‘anyone interested in developing a serious exercise and fitness regime’. 

His fellow co-author Dr Mark Hom delves into the scientific basis for mitochondrial functions – the production of energy in the body – and their relationship to fitness, protein synthesis, quality of life and the ageing process.

“As a biologist, physician, and avid fitness enthusiast, I searched in vain for the one book that would answer all my questions about exercise, fitness, nutrition and preventative healthcare,” said Dr Hom. “During my research, the focus always came back to mitochondria, the dynamos that power every human endeavour.

“I recalled how Greg LeMond’s dominating fitness, dramatic comeback from devastating injury, and premature retirement from racing were also explained by mitochondrial biology. Together, Greg and I have written a revolutionary new book that will forever change how athletes of all types will think about fitness.

“We go deeper than any previous fitness book into human physiology and cell biology to explain the true source of human energy and how athletes – and ordinary people – can tap into their inner power.” 

The book is available now as an e-book from the Elsevier Store – price £22 – and hard copies will be available soon.


(Image: Benjamin Werner)