Assault of Col du Soulor

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3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

With the possible exception of watching someone else train, few things in life are as boring as riding a turbo. But Rick Kiddle – a top tri coach since the early nineties – is hoping to combine those two negatives to form one positive biking experience.


He’s banking on his ride up the Col du Soulor providing you with about two hours of inspirational and instructional viewing next time you’re sweating away in the spare room.

The scenery’s great but the view is mostly of Kiddle’s backside, which may add some realism but doesn’t necessarily inspire. Commentary is mercifully kept to a minimum, and there’s a wide range of curious background music (everything from bouncy rave ‘choons’ to noodling jazz numbers, via vaguely threatening world-music warblings).

The 15min warm-up ride footage is a little shaky, and the two bike prep sections  come across more like adverts but this is  an inoffensive way to make your turbo training less tedious.


Contact : Rick Kiddle Coaching 07770 391966