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Best Garmin heart rate monitor deals in 2023

Stay up to speed on your performance stats with our pick of the best Garmin heart rate monitor deals


A key part of improving your performance and beating your PBs is understanding your base levels to begin with, so it’s wise to invest in a reliable heart rate monitor so you can start tracking your training.


Not only will they give you the obvious details (like your heart rate in real time) they’ll also measure a wider variety of analytics depending on your device. These can include your speed, power and size of your stride. 

Garmin has a wide range of heart rate monitors available with each offering particular advantages and specialisms, so we’ve put together some of our favourites.

If you’re looking for an alternative device, we’ve also included some different brands below for a broad range of options for you to consider.

Best Garmin heart rate monitor deals in 2023

Garmin HRM-Pro Premium Heart-rate Monitor

This versatile Garmin is ideal for triathletes as it can function across all three disciplines, capturing your metrics in real time so you can catch up on how you performed once the event is complete. 

It’s compatible with Garmin GPS watches so you can assess your heart rate, and will also pair with bike computers for an in-depth look at your cycling stats.

The heart rate monitor itself is said to be lightweight and matches the size of the strap, which Garmin says should fit comfortably around your body while you exercise. 

Garmin HRM-Dual Heart Rate Monitor

If you prioritise comfort above all else, the HRM-dual from Garmin has been designed to be both subtle and secure, staying in place but out of mind.

It uses Bluetooth or ANT+ to connect to your compatible device, transmitting your latest data so you can analyse your workout.

It’s a durable bit of kit that should last in wet weather due to its water resistance, and has a long-lasting battery life of 3.5 years.

Garmin HRM Pro Plus

Prepare yourself for an indoor or outdoor workout with the Garmin HRM Pro Plus. It will help you measure your metrics across a variety of activities and environments, from outdoor swimming to indoor treadmill work as well as team sports, capturing a range of data as you work out.

As well as your heart rate it will also store analytics such as your balance, the length of your stride and calculate your running power (when used with a compatible watch) for a full overview of your activity performance and levels.  

Garmin HRM-Swim

Specifically designed for the water portion of your training, the Garmin HRM-Swim will snugly strap to your chest as you make your way through the pool. It has a water rating of five ATM, which basically means it can be used to a depth of 50 metres, and will store up to 20 hours of data on your heart rate. 

Although it’s designed to give you all your swimming insights, it will also capture the running and cycling metrics, so it’s a great all-rounder to have during your cross training and actual events, with a claimed battery life of up to 18 months. 

Garmin HRM Tri

If you’re looking for a compact heart rate monitor that will subtly and snugly fit onto your chest while you work out, the HRM-Tri is Garmin’s smallest and most lightweight device to date, which means it should capture your essentials without getting in the way. 

Fitting within the width of the accompanying strap, it has been made with soft and round edges and the seams have been covered on the strap for an especially cosy fit. 

Other heart rate monitors to consider

Wahoo Tickr Heart Rate Monitor

If you’d prefer a heart rate monitor that sits outside the Garmin range, it’s well worth considering the Tickr from Wahoo, particular if you have other devices from the brand already.

Made to clip on and take off with ease, it has a front snap fastener for simple access with a smooth and slimline design that shouldn’t feel uncomfortable at any point of your workout.

Thanks to the LED lights that will flash on when it’s in use, there’ll be no confusion over whether you’ve actually turned it on either, so no nasty surprises and disappointments when you go to collect your data at the end of the event. 

Kalenji Dual ANT+ HRM

This slimline device from Kalenji will track all your essential training details while remaining comfortably on your body throughout your intense workouts, thanks to its soft strap. 

It’s water resistant, so while it’s not ideal for swimming, it can withstand some sweat or splashes should the weather turn on your run. It will pair with devices such as your smartphone or triathlon watch via ANT+ or Bluetooth so you can take a closer look at your measurements. 

It also has a clever eco-friendly design, with the promise that over 80% of issues that result in a break or fault can be repaired so you can hold onto your device for longer. 

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Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor

Designed to assist each triathlon discipline, this heart rate monitor from Polar promises particularly precise results to a swimming depth of 30m.


The silicon strap is made with a slip-proof material to help stop it moving around when you’re in the water, and it has 400 hours of battery, which means you can take in plenty of metrics to measure your performance over an extended period of time before needing to pop a new battery in.