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Theragun G3 PRO review

Matt Baird reviews the Theragun G3 PRO, a percussive therapy device to help recovery

Credit: Secret Studio

As Normatec boots and their imitators show, recovery products are big business and top triathletes are happy to stump up if swifter recovery time = extra weekly sessions.

The Theragun is named as ‘percussive therapy’, which combines frequency (2,400rpm), torque and amplitude (16mm) via its pulsing and repetitive arm to encourage increased blood flow and flush out lactic acid. The benefits? Muscle relief, tension reduction and pain alleviation.

The arm of the physician-calibrated device has four different positions for accessing specific sore spots, and, as you’d expect for £500+, the construction is high quality. Theragun tout their devices as the quietest around, but you won’t win any hotel friends, and we faced some awkward questions about the loud vibrating noises emerging from the spare room at our in-laws. The battery life of the two supplied batteries is 75mins, but we’d like a low-level indicator.

As always, genuine recovery benefits are hard to quantify and separate from the placebo effect. We tested it on our right leg for our test period, neglecting the left limb, and the recovery effects were subtle but, surprisingly, it seemed more effective as a pre-workout, warm-up tool.

So we can definitely see the appeal for elites and top age-groupers, but the G3 Pro’s price tag is prohibitive, so the standard G3, £375, (no adjustable arms or swappable batteries), would be our pick.

Verdict: Addictive, but only for those at the top end (or with deep pockets) 78%

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