Aqua Sphere Mako

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

The Mako is a well-constructed product, primarily offering warmth, buoyancy and durability. It uses pretty thick panels, and therefore what it gains in insulation it loses a little in flexibility across the shoulders and chest.


That said, it wasn’t overly restrictive, and, as with most suits on test, offers a range of movement that wouldn’t have been possible in top-end suits just a few years ago.

The extra insulation from the thicker neoprene would be very welcome in cold-water events or for anyone who tends to suffer when the temperature drops down low.

The cut is quite wide in the body and could possibly have been a little more fitted but, again, this is down to personal preference and body shape.

Generous limb lengths are ideal for taller athletes, though removal over the feet was tricky due to the tapered ends. All in all, a sound suit that’s ideal for colder conditions.


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