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ISHOF SaferSwimmer Float

Highly visible inflatable dry bags for use while swimming in open water and carrying valuables and clothing when you take a dip

The Ishof SaferSwimmer float in action in open water

The SaferSwimmer float aims to provide a swim safety device that will raise a swimmers’ confidence in open water and provide a visible object that can be noticed by all boat traffic.

Intended to serve a few purposes, the float attaches around your waist claiming to not inhibit swimming style or speed.

Stating the ability to be able to support all ages, the device can also act as a floating aid when you need it in the case of a well-earned break or in the rare occasion of any injuries.

The SafeSwimmer float comes in two sizes: medium and large. Price: €37.95 for a medium from http://swimsafetydevice.com.

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SaferSwimmer float

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