Spiuk Evolution 2

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

 This is a sleek, stylish and well-designed suit that could be worn for both training and racing a triathlon. It has been designed to mould to the athlete’s body in all three disciplines, and it does so brilliantly.


It’s an extremely comfortable suit with low-profile seams throughout, to avoid chafing to the skin, and offers support in  all the right places. As it has been treated with Teflon – the clever stuff that makes saucepans non-stickable – water moves past the suit creating minimum drag.

It’s tight-fitting, but comfortably so, and supports your every move, with the straps never impeding shoulder roll through the water. When it comes to aftercare, the suit dries very quickly and has a grooved finish to aid the removal of water.

It also has a high degree of resistance to chlorine (78% polyamide/22% XTraLife Lycra) with tests showing it fares well in chlorinated water, so, in theory, it should last a considerable amount of time. All in all, we found it very hard to fault this impressive suit. 


Contact : Spiuk 08700 420894 www.spiuk.co.uk