Lomo Tri-X Swim Gloves – first look

Keep paddling through the winter months with these open-water swimming gloves


If you’re a die-hard open-water devotee even through the cold winter months, these gloves from Glasgow-based watersport kit specialist Lomo have been designed with you in mind.


Purported to be less bulky and more flexible than normal neoprene gloves, they have glued and double-stitched seams, plus a liquid seam on the outside that claims to be completely watertight. 

All that would be for nought, of course, if it weren’t also for their tight wrist gaskets that aim to keep the ingress of icy liquid to a minimum, stopping them from filling up and you from emerging from your chosen lake, river or ocean with fists like Donkey Kong. 

Lomo have a solid pedigree within these pages, their bargainous £89.99 Challenger wetsuit receiving a glowing 81% in issue 299’s wetsuit grouptest. Price: £17 from www.lomo.co.uk.


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