Blueseventy Eclipse

Our rating 
3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0

We had high hopes for this one: a well-respected swim brand, a stylish design and a quality finish. Unfortunately, the sizing let it down.


A 34 was almost big enough for two people to fit in to and, again, the double layer – which this time was used across almost the entire suit, even the side panels – just compounded the oversized feeling. It was like swimming in Nora Batty’s socks.

So we went down a size, unsurprisingly expecting the 32 to fit perfectly. How wrong we were. While not as restrictive as the size 10 Orca, the 32 was still noticeably tight across the shoulders, digging in like a masseuse with a vendetta. All of which left us with a tough job of reviewing it.

As mentioned, we loved the colourway, style and quality feel. But for this reviewer, it all, unfortunately, counted for very little performance-wise.  


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