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Michael Phelps Ninja swim goggles review

Helen Webster tests these sleek new goggles from the king of swim

Our rating 
4.2 out of 5 star rating 4.2
Michael Phelps Ninja swim goggles review

Any new launch from the swim behemoth that is Michael Phelps tends to get the swim geeks on the 220 team sitting up and taking notice– and it was no different with these Ninja goggles.


The first thing we clocked was the new ‘set it and forget it’ strap design which incorporates a wide, flat strap with a split design (our preferred option for security and also for fitting around longer hair tied under a swim cap), with a unique ‘button’ on either side with a series of holes (much like a watch strap) that you choose your fit with. After multiple testing swims the fit remained secure and accurate and once fitted, we didn’t need to adjust them again.

 As for the rest of the design, the sleek, low profile lenses appealed to us and we found the fit around our eye socket to be spot-on. Whereas with many goggles you have to fiddle with them to get good ‘suction’, once these were on the face they instantly formed a good seal with no leakage.
Now obviously with pools being closed at present, we had no choice but to test these out at our local open-water venue, where we found the smoked lenses on our test pair (other options are available) didn’t allow much visibility under the water on murky winter swims. A little more peripheral vision would have been preferred, too.

That said, once the pools are open, we can’t wait to try these out again in training sessions as there’s a lot to like! 


Verdict: superb goggles with a great fit and design; smoky lenses not for lakes! 85%