X-Talon 190

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

A year ago we gave the X-Talon 212 a glowing 90%, so expecting the 190 to be an improvement is a big ask. At 190g per shoe, the 190 is the lightest off-road racer in the world.


It’s not just the racing red colour – put these shoes on and you can’t help but run fast. The familiar aggressively studded sole lets you attack dewy grass, mud and even wet rock with 100% confidence.

The midsole is ultra minimal with even less cushioning than the 212 and only a 3° differential between heel and forefoot. This give a low slung, natural and stable foot position tha reduces the risk of turned ankles and result in trail feedback that’s only second to barefooting. The upper is fast drying, with the wider laces and softer tongue giving a more secure and comfortable fit. 


Contact : www.inov-8.com