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Top stability running shoes for overpronators

If your natural running gait puts too much pressure on either the inside or outside of your foot, you may benefit from a pair of stability shoes. Here are some you could consider

Runner with shoes on steps

Being an ‘overpronator’ or a ‘high deviator’ can put a lot of stress on your feet and lower legs. It’s even thought to lead to injury if your shoes don’t provide the right level of shock absorption for your running style. 


So, what exactly is pronation? Well, it’s the way your foot rolls forward to absorb the impact of hitting the ground as you run. Roll too far inwards and you’re an ‘overpronator’, putting a lot of pressure on your big toe. 

Conversely, if you land on the outer edge of your foot and rely more on your little toes, you’re classed as a ‘supinator’. While ‘supinators’ are more likely to have high arches, overpronating can be a result of flat feet. Taking part in some gait analysis is always a great first port of call if you’re not sure what your footstrike is like.

Stability running shoes are designed to provide strength and cushioning to help absorb stress as you run. Around six in 10 people pronate or supinate, so it’s worth making sure your shoes give you the right support for your feet. Here are some of our favourites. 

Best stability running shoes for overpronators 

Mizuno Wave Paradox 5

Mizuno has created this running shoe to provide a high level of support and cushioning as you work out. It comes with several technical materials. These include Pebax Rnew, which the brand says helps with shock absorption and stability, and a combination of U4ic and U4icX to help increase bounce power and comfort. 

Meanwhile, the brand has also incorporated its “grippy” X10 technology to increase the lifespan of the shoe’s high-impact areas, while carefully designed grooves are included to help promote a healthy running pace. 

The inclusion of DynamotionFit and Mizuno Wave technology is then said to help ideal support for those that need it. 

Brooks Glycerin 19 

The Glycerin is Brooks’ premium soft shoe, and this one is designed to effectively support the feet, legs and knees in order to prevent injury. 

The shoe comes with neutral support and a high amount cushioning, which is thanks to the sizeable wedge of DNA Loft midsole cushioning. The mesh upper is designed to allow for plenty of ventilation so that air can circulate and let your skin breathe. 

In our review of the Glycerin 19 in 2021, we said: “[The midsole] boasts enough responsiveness for the tarmac, yet manages to soften the impact of long-training sets… [These are] comfortable training shoes that are hard to fault.”

Hoka One One Arahi 6 

Hoka has created its own ‘J-Frame’ technology to counteract the effects of overpronation, which is on show here in the Arahi 6. Without over-correcting your gait, these shoes stop your feet rolling too far inwards, according to the brand. 

The low-profile design is said to let your foot sit close to the ground, while the firm construction is designed to give you the support you need to push off effectively. 

As added bonuses, these shoes are vegan and the breathable mesh lining is made from recycled materials. 

Plus, there are several fun colour combinations to explore, including blue and yellow for men, and fuschia, blue fog and sweetcorn for women. 

On Cloudflyer 

With its 3D moulded heel and the trademark CloudTec outsole, the Cloudflyer has a distinctive look. On says it provides lots of protection for heavy impacts, which would make it a great choice for long-distance road running. 

As part of the package, you’ll get a dual density memory foam insole, as well as a lightweight Helion Superfoam midsole, which is said to combine firm and soft sections for maximum comfort. The Cloudflyer also has the thickest, spongiest tongue of all On-branded shoes. 

In our review of an earlier version of the Cloudflyer in 2021, we praised the shoe for its propulsive ride and it’s ability to deliver for both faster training runs and racking up the miles.

Asics Gel Kayano 28 

Asics tackles overpronation with its Dynamic Duomax technology across the rear half of the sole. By incorporating firm sponge at a 35° angle, it’s said to counteract the foot’s tendency to roll inwards. 

At the same time, the brand’s ‘3D space construction’, gel support and ‘FF Blast’ midsole cushioning is said to help absorb shock as your foot hits the ground. Asics says these features combine with a new low-profile heel counter to help control movement at the back of the foot. 

In our review of the Kayano 27 in 2021, we described the shoe as a “solid – if unspectacular – ride”.

Merrell Agility Peak 4

The latest version of the Merrell Agility Peak series comes with a thicker midsole that’s complete with the brand’s lightweight FloatPro foam, which the brand says will provide plenty of support for overpronators. During our test late last year, we praised them for delivering good arch support.

Also included is a padded collar and EVA insole, which both combine well to deliver high levels of support. 

Like all the best trail running shoes, the Agility Peak 4 has a breathable mesh construction and a rock plate to protect against sharp objects underfoot. You’ll also get Vibram MegaGrip technology and FLEXconnect grooves for extra stability on uneven or slippery terrain. 

Nike React Miler 2 Shield

The React Miler 2 Shield is another option for overpronators. Nike says its shock-absorbing sole can help keep you moving with stable strides. 

The brand also claims that this shoe is particularly suited to wet or cold conditions, with the coated upper, gusseted tongue and protective ‘skins’ around the toes designed to keep water out. Meanwhile, the knitted material and extra insulation are said to provide extra warmth.

New Balance Fresh Foam X 860v12

New Balance has added a couple of features to try and make this shoe well-suited to overpronators. It has a firm medial post in the sole to help improve pronation, as well as a moulded external heel counter to help control movement at the back of the foot. 


Support is said to be provided through the brand’s ‘Fresh Foam’ midsole and mesh upper with carefully positioned embroidery.