Salomon Fellraiser

Brilliant shoes if you fancy a bit of the rough stuff this winter

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

It’s always a good sign when a product has a proven race pedigree – these shoes were worn by the aptly-named Ricky Lightfoot to win the 2013 IAU World Trail Championships.


As a shoe for the worst (or best, depending on your mindset) off-road trail conditions through the British winter, they’re spot on. Weighing in at a competitively light 300g for a UK size 10, they’re low slung for great stability and offer just enough cushioning and protection without compromising trail feedback.

The mesh uppers shed water brilliantly, while the lacing system stays done up and is easy to use with gloves on. The outsole is super-aggressive with large lugs that grip tenaciously on any trail surface.

They don’t clog up with mud and, with studs right up over the toe, find traction on the steepest climbs. They also come without the squirm you get from some aggressively soled shoes if you’re forced onto a stretch of tarmac.


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