Mizumo Wave Precision

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

This is a light training shoe built on a narrower last, which means a couple of things: it lends itself to pacier workouts and the shoe encourages you to get up on your toes.


In terms of support the Wave Precision is well cushioned in the forefoot, but they do feel significantly harder under the heel. The fit can best be described as snug – but a little too snug for someone boasting a wider foot. These shoes are what you call ‘low profile’, meaning you’re closer to the ground than some others in the market, which brings us back to that ‘good for racing’ feel.

The narrowness could be an issue on longer winter training runs, though, as could the lower cut. But you can’t argue with the springy cushioning, especially in the forefoot, and the price is reasonable for the performance return.


Contact : Mizuno 0118 936 2100 www.mizunoeurope.com