Hoka One One Bondi B

Our rating 
3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0

Here we have a shoe that’s trying to break down the paradigms of performance running footwear… and has failed. Or at least it has when you compare it to, say, the subtlety of Newton’s energy return system. Rather, the One One Bondi B (seriously?) will have you leaving the house looking like a Tweenie.


Name and design aside, as professionals we’re always open to any new technology that might propel us to success. So did we find it? Well, we certainly looked hard enough and although the fit is generally good, unfortunately the answer is ‘no’.

The suggestion is that the deep outsole will add a ‘unique roll’ to your stride, to deliver ‘superior underfoot performance’. But all we felt was drained of energy, an experience more akin to running on sand.

Along with fatigue this also created discomfort, as our foot continually descended into the acres of foam. One for the fitness market and not the performance runner.


Contact : www.hokaoneone.com