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Reviews Sigma RC 14.11 run watch review

Sigma RC 14.11 run watch review

Sigma RC 14.11 run watch tested and rated by our expert reviewer

Sigma RC 14.11 run watch review

Sigma RC 14.11 run watch review

The RC 14.11 is a run watch that measures distance using an accelerometer based in the heart rate chest strap. The watch has a decent sized display, buttons you can operate with gloves and set-up is reasonably intuitive, which is always a plus.

It automatically sets three training zones using an age-based calculation, but you can also set one custom zone. The main problem is the accelerometer. We used it on a previously measured, known 5km hilly trail and it recorded 6.35km. Even if you go through the tedious calibration process it’s still only accurate on flat, even-paced runs.

Throw in hills, changes of pace or anything else that alters stride length and it falters. Downloading using the included clip works well, and the Data Centre is okay but it lacks the social media interactivity of a GPS device.

GPS is genuinely accurate from the get go, but with HRM-enabled devices available at this price point the RC 14.11 just can’t compete. Check out our complete guide to 2014’s best heart-rate monitors here.

Verdict: Good features made obsolete by GPS units at the same price, 55%

Contact : www.sigmasport.com

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