RSP Elite Heart Rate Monitor

A great basic monitor but the pedometer should be dropped...

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

For under £50 this monitor is packed with features and appears to be a bit of a bargain.


It isn’t the most attractive bit of kit and the chest strap is a bit bulky but it’s passable and what you’d expect at the price point.

Set-up is okay, but even though the buttons are labelled on the monitor as ‘mode’, ‘set’… the instructions describe them as A, B, C and D, meaning you have to keep referring back to a diagram.

Performance is good with no syncing issues, the display is clear and all the key basic heart functions are present. You can set a zone and see how much time you spent in it, above it and below it.

The pedometer function adds a bit of interest and is okay at an even pace on the flat, but throw in some hills or change of pace and it’s all over the place. 


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