Foster Grant Ironman Empower

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Normally the M-Dot endorsement means an exorbitant price tag, but with these glasses from Foster Grant coming in as the cheapest on test, do they buck the trend and deliver a must-have bargain? For £26, they’re not at all bad.


The dark polarised lenses do a good job of reducing glare and provide a high level of UV protection. That said, they’d be too dark for all but the sunniest days. Despite being a touch heavy and cumbersome, they fitted well and only really struggled to cope with the bumpy fell-running descent.

For your money, you do only get the glasses and the lenses aren’t changeable, which does severely limit their versatility and reduce their bargain status. There were no complaints about their field of vision but they suffered the most from fogging up and were the slowest to de-mist.


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