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Overtraining: 3 training tools that’ll help you prevent it

Three triathlon training tools to reduce your chances of overtraining…

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Medichecks’ Sports Hormone Check (£89) requires you sending them a pinprick of blood for analysis of key hormones (and their levels) associated with peak sporting performance. These include testosterone, oestradiol, thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) and free thyroxine (FT4).

The test also includes haematological analysis for endurance-performing parameters like haemoglobin levels. Forth Edge offer a similar service.

Stages power meter

A power meter is arguably the essential tool when it comes to reducing your chances of overtraining. A power meter directly measures your power output and isn’t affected by outside variables like wind or hills.

This means you can train very precisely and accurately, which is what you’re after when looking to stay this side of the overreaching equation. We chose the Stages Cycling Power Meter G2 as it can be found online at a wallet-friendly £250.

Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit’s Alta HR (£129.99) is a relatively affordable way to track your fitness. Fitbit’s finest includes a heart rate monitor via its PurePulse technology and a cardio feature to assess your current level of fitness.

There’s also post-session analysis via the Fitbit app, and all-day activity (calories burned, steps, distances, active minutes, etc) and sleep trackers – albeit, in our experience, the latter function is a very rough gauge of shuteye.

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