Shotz Carboshotz

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Until this product test, I’d never found a gel that delivered quite the right combination of intense energy without tickling the gag reflex due to a somewhat claggy overload of the mouth. The Carboshotz achieve this and then some.


Pleasingly, there’s a good range of flavours, with Wild Bean (with 80mg of caffeine for tougher days) and Banana being my preferred weapons of choice. Each pouch provides an acceptable 117 calories of corn starch-based energy combined with 36mg of sodium that’ll keep even larger athletes ticking over.

While corn starch gets a bad press for its processed nature, this shouldn’t be an issue for energy junkies – we just wouldn’t recommend them for an out-of-exercise snack alternative. Without doubt, though, the most appealing quality of these products is that finally we have a gel that doesn’t require an instant water chaser.


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