Torq Recovery

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

One of the more expensive recovery drinks, Torq has provided us with the classic chocolate and orange flavour. Sadly, the resulting taste is fairly basic, with the orange edge ruining the fresh cocoa flavour. Combined with the slightly synthetic ‘chemical’ aftertaste, it isn’t the easiest drink to swallow.


It has an about average energy content at 391.5kcal, with a similar grading on carbohydrate content (60.4g) as other drinks. When mixed with the suggested quantity of water (500ml), this also comes in at an average 14% carbohydrate concentration. Protein content is quite high, though, providing around 25% of what a 70kg male endurance athlete would require.

Interestingly, a greater attempt to assist rehydration has been considered with this product, which weighs in with a sodium content of 430mg. Finally, there are also a number of vitamins thrown in, generally at the level of 12% of your RDA, just in case you’re not eating a balanced diet.


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