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Science Fitness GlycoSource – First Look:

A sneak peek at a new nutrition product designed in collaboration with Leeds Met University

The Carnegie Institute for Sport, Physical Activity and Leisure at Leeds Metropolitan University has long had a major influence on British triathlon, housing the coaches of the Brownlee brothers and Non Stanford – Jack Maitland and Malcolm Brown – and a formidable sports science base.

The Institute has now collaborated with nutrition brand Science Fitness to produce GlycoSource, the first and only commercially available endurance supplement whose formulation is aimed at increasing glycogen (the body’s short-term energy reserve) in both the muscles and the liver – a process deemed by Science Fitness as vital to performance and recovery after endurance exercise.

While many endurance nutrition products top up glycogen based on the principle of ingesting carbohydrate at regular intervals, Science Fitness’ GlycoSource formula uses 44% less carbohydrate than leading energy drinks, gels and bars in the belief that there’s a limit to the amount of assistance carbohydrate alone can provide. GlycoSource combines two forms of carbohydrate (maltodextrin and galactose) with whey protein and amino acids (leucine).

We’ve got our mitts on the first product in the new range, the powdered drink mix, which is available in Mandarin Zest, Very Berry and Caribbean Crush flavours in 750g pouches or 25g single-serve sachets.

We’ll be putting GlycoSource to the test soon but more information is available at www.sciencefitness.co.uk.

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