Maxifuel Viper Active Orange

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Viper Active is Maxifuel’s all-in-one sports drink for “anyone who takes part in vigorous exercise”. It has various guises depending on how it’s mixed up, allowing you to use it before, during and after exercise. It contains around 7% protein, 88% carbs and a host of electrolytes, so just about caters for every situation.


The carbohydrates are a proprietary mix of dextrose and maltodextrins, which provide a fast, sustained energy release, and when mixed up for mid-exercise consumption it comes in at 6% concentration.

Out of the tub it’s fast and easy to mix and comes in two flavours: raspberry and the orange tested here. The orange was easy on the taste buds with a smooth, salty aftertaste that quenched thirst well. Mixing it up for a recovery drink does make it more potent but it was still palatable and filled the belly while we made our post-workout meal.


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