Elite V-Arion

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Rollers or turbo trainer? Ah, the cyclist’s indoor training dilemma. A turbo offers more resistance and you don’t need to have circus performer skills to ride one, but rollers are great for developing balance, spinning fast and impressing your mates.


Elite’s V-Arion rollers are the crème de la crème of rollers in terms of price, housing an adjustable inertial resistance unit that offers two resistance levels plus zero loading. The ‘0’ and ‘1’ resistance settings feel like high-quality ‘normal’ rollers, while, on ‘2’, resistance increases and can get the heart rate up higher than normal. It isn’t as hard as winding up a turbo to max power but lifts the effort level of rollers to a new standard.


Elite has made a lightweight but sturdy kit that won’t corrode because it’s mostly made of plastic. It folds neatly for storage and is quiet enough to listen to with the radio on. But remember: rollers take more skill than a turbo, so make sure you practise somewhere where you can fall off safely!  
Contact : Madison www.madison.co.uk