Review: Louis Garneau P-09 helmet

Comfortable, adjustable, tunnel-proven and cool to ride in

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
Louis Garneau P-09 bike helmet

At 402g for a size large (including visor), the P-09 is impressively light for a full aero helmet. Although it’s not a full-on bobtail design, the tail is quite dramatically truncated and should suit a wide range of riders.


Louis Garneau are keen to point out the wind tunnel time they’ve spent developing this helmet and although we can’t confirm or deny the claimed laminar-airflow-enhancing benefits of the golf ball dimples, the ventilation from the large central intake and tail exhaust is second-to-none. 

A plug is also available should you wish to close the front opening. The Icefil padding is comfortable and cools effectively, while the Spiderlock Pro II cradle stabilising system is excellent and easily adjusted single-handed.

Moving on to the visor, it simply clips into place, and with an air gap around it suffers no fogging issues, although it might have a tiny aero penalty. It’d be too fiddly to pop on in T1, but getting the helmet on and off with it in place is no big deal.

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